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“The great thing about Mulberry House Software is their focus on the end user and the problems they’re trying to solve. Don’t tell them you need such and such a chart, tell them what the story is and what you wish to communicate - the results are much better. Mulberry House Software has been instrumental in bringing our clients’ data to life.”

Chris Squirrell
Founder at Financial Canvas

World marathon courses infographic

Every now and then I like to put together an infographic poster as quickly as I can. My latest attempt is this poster of World Marathon Courses.

Allotment: a React component for resizable split views

As part of my work with a client, Vega Protocol, we identified a need for a simple split pane component to use in their web application. What’s a split pane component you ask? It looks something like this.

Supporting two major version of D3

A new version of d3 was released recently. As I maintain a few open source d3-related libraries I was curious what work would be required to support the new version. It turns out not to be too difficult and I wanted to share my experience.

What makes for a memorable oar design?

Last month I put together a quiz game: Inspector Oars. The intended audience is pretty niche; people involved in rowing at Cambridge and Oxford universities. You’re given the name of a college and asked to pick the rowing oar design used by that college from a selection.

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